MEES offers worldwide shipping. All orders are processed from the Netherlands.

  • The delivery time depends on your country but within 1-2 days your order will be delivered.
  • Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification from DHL EXPRESS.
  • DHL ODD will notify you by email and/or SMS about your shipment’s progress and estimated delivery date/time. When this doesn’t fit your schedule, you can customize your delivery via DHL ODD and decide how, where and when the delivery takes place at the time and location that suits you best.

DHL On Demand Delivery

Delivery within 1-2 days

Notification by e-mail or SMS


  • The Netherlands
    POST NL shipment: FREE (1 business day)
    DHL Express shipment: FREE (1-2 business days)
    Outside Europe
    DHL Express shipment: FREE (1-2 business days)

    At the check-out you will be given the opportunity to select a carrier of choice.
    We offer Worldwide fast and on demand delivery with our shipping partner DHL express.
    Shipments inside The Netherlands will be sent with our local post carrier PostNL.

  • DHL ODD is giving you maximum flexibility and greater control over your delivery.

    • DHL ON DEMAND DELIVERY offers flexible delivery options:
      * Deliver my Package on Another Day: Scheduled Delivery
      * Deliver my Package to Another Address: Alternate Delivery to work or family
      * Deliver my Package at a Safe Place: Authorize Shipment Release
      * Deliver my Package with Neighbor: Leave the package at your Neighbor, Reception or Guard
      * Deliver my Package at a DHL ServicePoint: Hold for Pick‐up Collection
      * Request to Store my Package: Vacation Hold safekeeping your parcel up to 30 days

    DHL ODD gives you full control and you never miss another delivery.
    Flexible, convenient and always at the right moment!

  • We will offer you a repair service when something breaks outside the warranty period of three months. Please send us pictures of the problem by email and we will tell you if it’s worth to use our repairing service. If so, we will send you an email with the estimated shipping and repair costs. If it’s not worth to use our repair service we will tell you as well and suggest you to go to a local (clothing) repairing shop.

The Basics

  • A leather product has to be used one month to know that it’s made well. Please get in touch as soon as possible when something isn’t the way it supposed to be. We will get in touch with you within three workingdays with possible solutions.

  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders above €100.

  • Every product is available to purchase.
    We will either produce the bag for you or send it to you straight away.
    You will receive your tracking code within 3 working days.
    We ship everywhere in the world.